Our Customers

The Athlete

 Baseball player diving for a groundball in the infield. The athlete. 

I'm a relentless hustler. I'm the extra hours after a long day. I'm the one who rises in the face of defeat.

I'm an athlete.

I have a constant desire to be great which pushes me to my limits each and every day.  Every time I step on the field I am the one to watch.  

I am a walking highlight reel.

Even though this is all true, its tough for me to put myself out there and gain the exposure I need to make it to the next level.

MiP.O.V. makes it easy for me to capture my plays that need to be seen.  I look forward to watching my highlight reel after a practice or game.

MiP.O.V. helps me refine my game and gain the recruitment exposure I need to elevate my game.