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What makes a start-up successful? Well, many things. One element we have focused on is choosing the right partners. This is a strategic initiative often times over-looked when starting a technology company. However, at MiP.O.V., it is something we have prided ourselves on.

We did thorough research in order to find the best companies that understood our vision, had a deep understanding of what start-ups need (and do not need) and would challenge us at every turn. At MiP.O.V., we believe that we must surround ourselves with the best ecosystem of partners and individuals in order to ensure future success. We know that we cannot possibly handle everything on our own, which is why we have selected our service providers very carefully. Here are our partners: CyberTECH, Sheppard Mullin, Eisner Amper, Pillsbury and Silicon Valley Bank.

CyberTECH, a global security and Internet of Things (IoT) network ecosystem, was our first partner after the move to San Diego. CyberTECH's Nest Co Work space is where we set up shop and started our physical company. However, it is more than just a place to work. CyberTech is a place where networking and relationships have been born and nurtured, which has helped us tremendously along the start-up journey. We were honored to be accepted into CyberTECH’s Entrepreneur in Residence Program (EIR). This program is designed to build strategic relationships between early stage start-ups and CyberTECH’s ecosystem of partners and stakeholders. The tech-inspired EIR Program has helped us build some of our most important relationships. CyberTECH has welcomed us with open arms; we really could not have selected a better place to start our journey. 

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Sheppard Mullin, an international law firm specializing in corporate and technology matters, is our corporate legal partner. We choose Sheppard Mullin because simply, they put their clients first. As they say, "we believe in service, service and...more service", which we have found to be 100% accurate. They are also an innovative firm, which compliments what MiP.O.V. is all about, innovation. Sheppard Mullin has many different tools that their clients have access to, such as collaboration within their secure extranet platform that allows them to share work product with clients outside of their network. They also provide cost saving measures that are critical to start-ups, from workflow optimization to a dedicated due diligence team. Their insights are simply the best of the best. The business and strategic intelligence of this firm together with its tools and resources provides everything a start-up client needs for success. 

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Eisner Amper, an accounting firm with an emphasis on Tech and Life Science start-ups, is our tax and strategic financial planning partner. Almost any accounting firm can handle the basic tax needs of a first year start-up. Very few firms can take you from incorporation to IPO. Eisner Amper is one of the few. Their strong professional relationships with technology focused financiers, technology vendors and influencers have helped tremendously in our networking efforts. They know that an entrepreneur’s success depends a great deal on personal relationships. These relationships, that Eisner Amper has built, help us open doors each and every day.

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Pillsbury Law, an international law firm with industry focus on technology, financial services and construction, is our Intellectual Property partner.  Their IP team is second to none, with experienced insightful team members that are former US Patent examiners, engineers, and scientists who file approximately 1,600 patents each year for their clients. These statistics and information made it easy to choose Pillsbury to be our Intellectual Property partner. Pillsbury has made filing our IP and implementing a strategic IP plan much easier and economically feasible than we anticipated. In short, they “get” start-ups. In addition, they have and continue to go out of their way to open doors for our company. We look forward to continuing our partnership throughout the company’s journey.

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Silicon Valley Bank, or SVB, is our banking and financial services partner. SVB delivers the best-fit financial solutions, insights and connections no matter what stage of your start up journey. They provide help for new companies getting started, financing solutions for when you are gaining traction and pursing milestones, and also when you are going global and building for scale. You cannot go wrong with SVB. They also provide insight and tips for the start-up journey, from building your team to planning for growth. SVB is there for you, no matter what point you are at in building a company. The way they are structured spoke volumes to us, which is why we decided to partner with them.

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As you can see, at MiP.O.V. we have assembled an ecosystem of exemplary partners to work alongside us and provide guidance along this start-up journey. We cannot do this alone; from our advisors, to our team members, to our partners it takes a fully built ecosystem to succeed as a start-up. This network of people and firms form the MiP.O.V. ecosystem, which continually interacts as a community in order to keep the company moving forward. We, as a team, will get to where we are going. Thank you to all of our partners, we could not complete this journey without you. 


MiP.O.V. Technologies, Inc. is reframing our customer’s interaction with cameras and video sharing through our patent pending end-to-end platform. We are a software company forced to create integrated cameras that blend with all lifestyles at all times. Our competitor’s approach was to create the perfect camera. Our approach is to create the perfect video.


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