MiP.O.V. Technologies, Inc. Welcomes Its Newest Advisor

MiP.O.V. Technologies, Inc. is excited to announce the addition of its fourth advisor, Scott Linthorst, to the team in the role of Senior Corporate Finance Advisor. Scott brings over a decade of experience in start-ups and corporate finance to MiP.O.V., bolstering the team’s corporate financial planning and budgeting sophistication and know how.  

Scott is a Finance and Operations leader with a track record of  financial planning and raising capital in the role of start-up CFO, as well as building the investment case for over 100M+ of annual investments in start-ups, joint ventures and digital tools in the role of Corporate Finance Director at a multi-billion dollar company.  Scott earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering Management Systems from Columbia University in 2004.  Scott spent the early part of his career as a management consultant focusing on financial modeling, strategic planning and operation efficiency in the credit, financial services and insurance industries. In 2013 he became the CFO for Practice iQ, a Healthagen Business. At Practice iQ, Scott created the business case, secured funding and managed the budget of a start-up that sought to improve healthcare outcomes and patient experience.  Currently, he is the Finance Director of the Consumer Health & Services division of Aetna where he oversees a $100M+ annual on-going investment in consumer oriented digital tools and a $30M+ budget for digital Care Management, Rewards and Wellness tools. In addition, Scott is a member of the Aetna team that launched a partnership with Apple to build health and wellness tools around wearables.

Scott resides in San Francisco. When he is not on the job he enjoys playing basketball, riding his bike, grilling out around the house and spending time with his wife.

MiP.O.V. Technologies CEO Nick Phillips noted, “It will be great to have a seasoned corporate financial planning professional with experience both launching and investing in start-ups and technologies on the MiP.O.V. Technologies, Inc. team. We look forward to working with Scott along our journey, as we know his expertise will provide insight vital to our development.”


MiP.O.V. Technologies, Inc. is reframing our customer’s interaction with cameras and video sharing through our patent pending end-to-end platform. We are a software company forced to create integrated cameras that blend with all lifestyles at all times. Our competitor’s approach was to create the perfect camera. Our approach is to create the perfect video.


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