MiP.O.V. Technologies, Inc. Welcomes Three Advisors

One key factor in a creating a successful company is having the right group of people around you. This includes the team, advisors and service providers. In our very first blog post we would like to highlight our advisory team. 

Daniel Haders II, Ph.D. – Senior Strategic Advisor

MiP.O.V. Technologies is honored to welcome Dr. Daniel Haders II to the team as Senior Strategic Advisor.  Daniel has over 15 years experience developing patented technologies, managing innovation teams, founding companies, and advising startups.  In 2001, Daniel earned his undergraduate engineering degree from Columbia University (NYC).  He then completed his engineering Ph.D. from Rutgers University in 2008.  Daniel has experience in various emerging company leadership roles as a senior scientist, consultant, advisor, founder and CEO, showcasing his competitive edge in the startup landscape.  CEO Nick Phillips states, “Daniel’s industry proven experience helps the team in making calculated decisions to more confidently advance the vision of MiP.O.V. each day.”

Darin Andersen – CEO CyberUnited, Chairman & Founder CyberTECH

MiP.O.V. Technologies is also honored to welcome Darin Andersen as an Advisor. As the chairman and founder of CyberTECH, a co-working incubator ecosystem facilitating the growth of early stage technology startups, he has bridged the startup gap to key resources and capital in the San Diego region. One of Darin’s most exciting initiatives is the Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) Program, a structured program linking companies to willing advisors to share feedback and help shorten the learning curve for early startups. “MiP.O.V. is excited to be a part of the EIR program while operating out of CyberTECH. Darin has created a unique environment that catapults concept stage startups into highly functioning seed-stage companies. Collaborating with industry experts only found at CyberTECH, each following Darin’s exemplary leadership, MiP.O.V. has gone from concept to pursuing angel investment,” says CFO Joseph Felix. 


Mark Pretorius - Founder Premanco Ventures & Start-Up Advisor

Finally, MiP.O.V. Technologies is honored to welcome Mark Pretorius to the Advisory Team. As an experienced venture capitalist, operating executive, and startup advisor, Mark brings extensive experience to the early stage technology market.  He is currently the Managing Director at Premanco Ventures, an investment company bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and investors, and a General Partner & COO for Blumberg Capital. "Mark's expertise in venture financing guides companies, such as MiP.O.V., through the intricacies of the investor landscape. His advice greatly benefits us due to his deep knowledge of the opaque emerging technologies financing ecosystem,” explains CTO Sam Howard.

MiP.O.V. Technologies, Inc. is a wearable technology company based out of San Diego, CA that is commercializing camera solutions for capturing everyday spontaneous moments. 

These three Advisors bring a diverse set of complementary competencies to the table, as well as experience and know-how that can only be gained from actually starting, leading, advising and funding start-ups.. Having these competancies and experiences only a phone call or email away is key to our start-up’s success.


MiP.O.V. Technologies, Inc. is reframing our customer’s interaction with cameras and video sharing through our patent pending end-to-end platform. We are a software company forced to create integrated cameras that blend with all lifestyles at all times. Our competitor’s approach was to create the perfect camera. Our approach is to create the perfect video.


Capture Your Reality

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