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The Coach/Trainer


I am the teacher. I am the motivator.

I am the coach.

My purpose is to pass on my years of accumulated experience and knowledge to the younger generation.

It is my goal to elevate teams and individuals to new heights. I strive to give young individuals the opportunity to explore their undiscovered talents while having fun.

For me, coaching is not about the wins and losses. Its about molding youthful ambition during coachable moments.

I do my best to guide my team and find those coachable moments during practice and games.

Sometimes this is hard. There is only one of me and many of them.

Before, I would have to stop practice and bring the team together and during games I would have to film everything.

Managing this was difficult.

With MiP.O.V., I am able to continue coaching and review coachable moments when there is time.

With a simple click of a button, I am able to capture only those precise moments without the excess film from before.

MiP.O.V. empowers the coaches and elevates the players.

 Baseball coach teaching a player how to properly swing a baseball bat. The coach/trainer.