Nick, Daniel, Sam & Ryan at San Diego Start Up Week 2017 getting their photo taken.

OUr story

About us.

Our story began as a group of University of Kentucky graduates fed up with the current limitations cameras put on our ability to share the exact moments we were trying to capture.  Armed with nothing more than a big idea and young ambition our founders, Nick and Sam, made the leap of faith to San Diego, California to form MiP.O.V. Technologies, Inc.

At MiP.O.V., we see problems from a different point of view.  We are founded by Mechanical Engineers with a focus in lean manufacturing.  We were born and bred on the Toyota Production System (as well as horse racing and bourbon).  Its our life's mission to eliminate the excess and simplify the process in everything we do. 

Now, we are applying our skills to develop software for mobile phones and action cameras that reduces an 11 step and 8 app process into one platform that accomplishes the same goal with a single click of a button.

Our dreams and ambitions drove us to reach for the stars. We all left things on the table in order to start this company because we believe in our vision. We will continuously strive to unlock the untapped potential of visual media and build the tools you need to allow you to capture your reality. That's a promise we standby. I mean, we left everything behind so there is NO turning back now! We will not let our dreams just be dreams.