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The Weekend Warrior


I am not bound by the desk that I occupy from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

I'm adventurous. I'm an explorer.

I am a weekend warrior.

My life is defined by the one once-in-a-lifetime experiences I plan for in my spare time.  In these, moments, I don't hold back - the world is my playground.

If you knew me well, you'd feel my passion for the untamed and taking the path less chosen.

This passion drives me outdoors. Oftentimes I'm hiking through the mountains, skiing on untouched powder or I'm paddling through the deep blue waves in search of the perfect barrel.

I am constantly searching for moments that get my blood pumping and adrenaline flowing.

I am fortunate and grateful for the opportunities that I'm able to experience for myself. But, I don't want to hold these moments all to myself.

I want to share what this world has to offer and serve as an inspiration to others.

I find myself in extreme environments where specific tools are needed to capture and share my experiences. I am always on the move and don't have time to edit hours of video.

I need something simple that allows me to capture and share only the highlights of my travels.

This is where MiP.O.V. comes in.

With MiP.O.V., I don't have hours of footage to manage. They are able to capture only moments worth highlighting, while giving me a simple and efficient process to create and share my moments.

With MiP.O.V., I am able to capture my reality.

 Guy walking through the snow about to climb a mountain. The weekend warrior.